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BE POC Program

FathomX is pleased to announce that we have been selected to be part of the BE Proof of Concept Program in partnership with Taipei Medical University and Show Chwan Health Care System. The initiative was started by BE Health Ventures and Taipei Medical University which aims to fund, support and deploy product ready medical startups in the Taiwanese market.

As part of the program, we get access to healthcare facilities, clinicians and medical resources across the two healthcare partners. Taipei Medical University has five world-class hospitals under their management, with a focus on innovation and smart hospitals and Show Chwan Healthcare System is the largest privately-owned hospital group in Taiwan with 10 hospitals, over 3,700 beds and 6,000 employees.

This is a major step for business development and builds upon over existing groundwork laid out across Taiwan the past year and will be a major step towards establishing our presence in the Asia Pacific Region.

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