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FathomX is a governmental funded organisation and has received immense funding support as well as access to resources from both private and public institutions.

SG-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology

The SMART Innovation Centre operates under the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) and is funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF). Similar to the highly successful Deshpande Centre for Technological Innovation at MIT, the SMART Innovation Centre identifies and nurtures a broad range of emerging technologies including but not limited to biotechnology, biomedical devices, information technology, new materials, nanotechnology, and energy innovations and will act as a catalyst to create a fertile environment for faculty and student entrepreneurship to grow. It administers a Grant Programme that enables faculty and students to pursue exciting new avenues of market-driven research and participate in programmes that will help accelerate their innovations toward commercialisation.

FathomX was awarded a grant as part of the I2Start Program

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National Health Innovation Centre

The National Health Innovation Centre Singapore provides the publicly-funded clinical research sector of Singapore with translational funding and strategic guidance to accelerate healthcare innovation. Established in 2014, NHIC supports the development of innovative technologies and services to improve healthcare delivery and patient care. NHIC funding aims to expedite the translation of an innovation towards a market-ready product.


FathomX was awarded a grant as part of the I2Start Program

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Enterprise Singapore

Enterprise Singapore is a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Government of Singapore. It was formed on 1 April 2018 to support Singapore small and medium enterprise development, upgrade capabilities, innovate, transform, and internationalise.


FathomX was awarded a grant as part of the I2Start Program, Productivity Solutions Grant, Market Readiness Assistant Grant and also works with Enterprise Singapore overseas offices to set up business activities in target markets.

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Ministry of Health Singapore

The Ministry of Health is a ministry of the Government of Singapore responsible for providing information, raising health awareness and education and ensuring and monitoring the accessibility and quality of healthcare services provided to the citizens and nationals of Singapore.

FathomX was awarded the Healthcare Services Research Grant for the purposes of developing the core AI Algorithm.

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