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FathomX is a Digital Health AI spin-off company from the National University of Singapore and National University Health System and is the brainchild of Prof Mikael Hartman (Breast Cancer Surgeon at NUH) and Prof Feng Meng Ling (Assistant Professor at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health).

Our flagship product, FxMammo, is an AI Assistant that significantly improves the screening procedure for mammograms by reducing the false positive/negative rates and enhancing the clinical workflow by reducing the time taken to assess a screen as well as the number of radiologists required per screen. Our algorithm was based off over 3 years of research at NUS and we have recently published on the prestigious AAAI Workshop and Jama Open Network Journal. We are also a portfolio company of the MedTech JUMPStart Program.

Asia Pacific Focused

We are a company based in the healthcare hub of Singapore which is a major medical center for Asia Pacific that provides high quality health services as well as world class research and educational capacities in the healthcare space.


Our company has a presence that is primarily focused in the Asia Pacific Region where there is an increasing need for our technology to augment existing workflows. 

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83 Science Park Dr, #02-03/04

The Curie

Singapore 118258

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