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FathomX is a MedTech AI spin-off from the National University of Singapore and National University Health System that aims to deploy clinician friendly solutions to enhancing the existing workflow. The company is a portfolio company of the NUS Graduate Research Innovation Program (GRIP) as well as Medtech JUMPStart Program and is currently funded and supported by a number of organisations including the SG-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology and National Medical Research Council of Singapore.

We also work closely with global solutions provider HP Enterprise to develop a range of technologies in the field of medical imaging and has integrated our AI engines into a technical infrastructure that is scalable, customisable and already tested out in various hospitals and clinics.



What is FxMammo

Existing mammography screening programmes suffer from a high false positive rate of about 9% and have a workflow that requires multiple radiologists and takes up to 30 minutes to conduct just one screen. In addition, existing solutions that aim to integrate AI functionalities face a number of challenges ranging from data security to infrastructure, which prevent many healthcare institutions from adopting the solutions due to patient confidentiality concerns.


FxMammo aims to alleviate those problems with a secure data infrastructure that is production level certified and tested as well as an AI engine that can significantly cut the false positive rates by up to 80% and time taken  by 50%.


Cancer Risk


Estimation of the risk of cancer through medical imaging and medical history records analysis


Lesion Heatmap Generation

Heatmap generation of abnormal lesions for analysis and follow up action

Automatic Report


Automatically generated radiology report based on clinical guidelines





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